Willemstad, Curaçao

May 18th-19th, 2022

RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe’s 10th Steering Committee Meeting

1. 10-1 Adoption of the Agenda Executive Summary.docx
2. 10-2 Executive Summary-Activity 2018-2022.docx
3. 10-2.a Activity Report 2018 2020
4. 10-3 New Website Executive Summary.docx
5. 10-3 New Website
6. 10-4 Executive Summary- Marpol.docx
7. 10-4 MARPOL
8. 10-5 NCP OPRC Executive Summary.docx
9.10-6 Ballast Water Executive Summary .docx
10.10-6 Regional Ballast Water Strategy
11.10-9 2022-2023 Workplan
12.10-9 Proposed Workplan Executive Summary
13.10-11 Institutional Arrangements
14.10-13.a Carlos Sagrera Presentation
15.10-13.a. Worst Case Spill Latin America Executive Summary.docx
16.10-13.b. Curacao NCP Executive Summary.docx
17.10-13.b. Presentation DRR (May 2022) Denise Pieters
18.10-13.c. COCATRAM RAC REMPEITC Presentation May 2022
19.10-13.d. John Kooyman – Netherlands Shipmasters Association
20.10-13.e. Executive Summary.docx
21.10-13.e. Sara Zelaya_Honduras_Presentation_10th RAC REMPEITC Meeting
22.10-13.f. Executive Summary
23.10-13.f. NOAA – SAB
24.10-16 26 yrs of RAC
25.10-16 Executive Summary- 26 years of RAC.DOCX

26.Executive Summary of Agenda Items
27.OSC 10-1-1 Provisional Agenda
28.OSC 10-1-2 Meeting Agenda – Final
29.10-2.b Summary of Activities 2020-2021

30.Participants List 10th RAC Steering Committee Meeting Revised

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